Sunday, October 2, 2011

OCTOBER 31 Day Horror Movie Challenge 2011. Day #2 Brain Dead

D. Kevin S. Tenney

This roucaus nudity filled, splattery Sci-Fi throwback was a nice evening out after the low budget ridiculousness HORROR OF THE HUMUNGOUS HUNGRY HUNGAN we watched earlier. While this is certainly low budget, BRAIN DEAD is consistantly inventive, fun, and always knows when it is time to deliver the goods, whether that be beautiful naked women, or healthy splashings of gore.

The story isn't terribly knew, a space rock blasts through a redneck fisher-man's head instantly turning him into a zombie (who in turn rips his friend's head open and eat's his brain). Then we spend a solid amount of time meeting a menagerie of characters (mostly female) from a Preacher and his beautiful assistant who he is trying to bed down (who has the best set of boobs I have seen in man a moon)

 to some skinny dipping med students and unforunately a couple of bumbling criminal dudes who are the leads. They all end up holed up in a broken house with the monsters coming after them. Turns out a space parasite is moving from host to host ala NIGHT OF THE CREEPS or THE HIDDEN turning people into monster/zombies attacking them. It is still the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD model but here made fresh with a lot of inventive directing, very likable characters, and loads of cool special effects. And some of the hottest women I've seen in this type of movie in a long time too.

 Kevin S. Tenney's movies have been hit or miss with me, I like WITCHBOARD a lot, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS is ok, but WITCHTRAP is pretty awful. This is is another hit for me as for as I am concerned. I hope it isn't a number of years before he ends up directing again.

Review © Andrew Copp

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