Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Horror Challenge: The Rules of Play

This is the third year in a row that I have done my Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. The idea is to cram as many horror movies into the month of October as possible, and to blog on the results here as it goes. But there are a couple of rules I do have for myself to play by.

1) At least ONE horror movie a day, IF possible. Of course we are grown ups and stupid real life can get in the way. BUT that is the CHALLENGE of this whole thing isn't it? So try to squeeze one a day in.

2) They have to be movies I have never seen before. Absolutely new films to my viewing eyeballs. Not movies I have seen as a kid and forgotten, not movies I love to watch over and over again. Fresh stuff. This is also a good way for me to plow through the ridiculous piles of movies I own that need viewing.

3) I must blog about the results as close to immediately as possible. Once again keep it fresh.

4) They have to be HORROR movies. They CAN be hyrbid horror such as horror-comedies or sci-fi/horror or the like. But I can't watch say some gory action film and try to argue it is a horror movie, or some sleazy Drive-in Jess Franco flick and call it a horror movie by association. These have to be horror movies at heart.

5) Comments are encouraged and welcome! This much writing can get tedious after a while, even if the actual watching of the movies is fun. So if there are no comments it can get discouraging, like no one is reading (which I know isn't true!) so please feel free to play along at home and comment. Watch your own films and comment!

I may set up some time later this week to do a LIVE chat via this website and we can watch a movie together. That could be something fun to do. So we cna see how that goes..

Andy Copp

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