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This comedic, drama, horror film really misses the mark on most counts. It isn't that it is poorly made, far from it, it is the uneven tone that blows the whole thing. 

The movie stars Amber Lynn-Mccord as a disheveled and clearly disturbed teen age girl. She lives a rich fantasy life in which she is beautiful, sexual and enjoys bloodlust. In real life she wants to be a surgeon, but her personality disorder is clearly getting in the way of high school. Her mom (in a VERY good performance by Traci Lords) is an overbearing bitch. But it is made clear she became that way from the lack of affection of her own mother. She also has a fatally ill little sister and an emotionally absent Dad. 

All of which sounds like the making of some sort of crazy family horror film. But instead writer/director Bates decides to play it as a black comedy and then shoehorn more cameos than a Rob Zombie film. The tone never catches up with the film even in the last ten minutes when it turns deadly serious and fully becomes a horror film. So much jokey, silly stuff has transpired that it completely robs the finale from any power.

On the other side her fantasies are simply astounding, filled with color and honestly disturbing imagery. They should have just made a movie of inside her head.

Review © Andrew Copp

I also have a long standing theory that any trailer that uses NINE INCH NAILS music is automatically better. Often NIN's Music is used in trailers to an effect that ends up making the movies look MUCH better than they actually are. 300, TERMINATOR SALVATION, THE AVENGERS (though that turned out pretty alright) and now EXCISION can be added to that list...

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