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This made for TV shocker is fondly remembered by those who lived through the 70's. Mostly for the outrageous title than any sort of groundbreaking content. There were comic books and even a punk band that swiped the name. This is one of those weird little movies that entered the popular zeitgeist. Hell there is probably a Family Guy episode that references it. 

But does that mean the movie is any good? Not really. It is perfectly functional and well made enough, considering the era it was made. yet this is pretty much by the numbers stuff. 

A meteor falls from space in all its paper mache glory and lands on the construction site of Warburton industries who are digging in Uganda to build some sort of something or other. The mutant space rock possesses the nearest bulldozer causing it to come to life and destroy things and kill people. 

That's it. An unmanned bulldozer wrecking the place and the occasional under paid character actor. Credit goes to the whole cast and crew for playing it serious as something like this could be campy. I'd also be curious to know which was first; this movie or the SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN pair of episodes where Steve Austin fights an alien life form that is basically a runaway military war machine aka a Bulldozer. 

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