Tuesday, September 18, 2012


D. Mark P. Forever ???

1.78 Anamorphic Widescreen

This piece of sexy fluff from Japan is almost criticism proof. Watching the title STRIP MAHJONG you really only want one thing, attractive girls playing the strip game, and it delivers that in abundance. The movie scores extra points by sneaking in some extra kink value along the way. But ultimately it is not too different from a nudie cutie you would have seen from H.G. Lewis or Dave Friedman many years ago. Meaning it is serviceable and fun but there is nothing really new on display.

The wisp of a plot deals with an underground broadcast of the title gameshow. They kidnap four women, all of whom have sinned in someway to make them "bad people". The ladies include a former pop star who clearly fucked her way to her position, a young wife married to a Yakuza who is holding some kinky secrets, a ruthless lawyer (also the sexiest of the group by a long shot) and finally our hero a normal young lady who got in too deep betting for online Mahjong (trying to settle a debt for her best friend). They then have to play the very complicated game and as each wins or loses cards are given that tell the players what items of clothing to lose. 

But the host of the show, a loud goofy fucktard and his S+M masked (but otherwise nearly naked) assistant get to strip the girls themselves. Which to leads to several really silly scenes of the dude pulling off bras with fishing poles of blowing them off with an exploding balloon. Though he does whip the ass of the wife until she confesses her transgressions in one of the only genuinely hot scenes of the movie. 

The first lady to lose her clothes is the sexy Lawyer. Unfortunately one of the items she loses is her glasses which was one of the things that made her so damn sexy. But she spends most of the movie topless which is A-OK too. The girls realize they are playing for more than lost clothes and the occasional grope when the lawyer is killed for losing the game. Thus upping the stakes for all of them.

They all end up losing one by one until all of them have gotten naked and had a little show of some sort. Which leads to a high stakes final round with the other co-host, a Lolita looking nymph who cheats her way through the game. 

If you want to see naked Japanese girls, a little bit of kink and a lot of flat comedy you could do much much worse than this. It is an inconsequential little flick, but diverting enough for those who know what they like. 

The DVD is extraless except for a handful of other DANGER AFTER DARK trailers. 
REVIEW © Andrew Copp

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