Sunday, September 30, 2012


D. Dusty Nelson

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Late 80's deviltry cross bred with a rape revenge movie never really gels, but is consistently entertaining in the bad film from the 80's way. Elizabeth Kaitan (her billed as Elizabeth Cayton same pronunciation) stars as Julie Johnson a college acting student with a shady past. She had an affair with her sleazy acting teacher (played by Russ Tamblyn). But she is free and clear of that now with a (supposedly) good boyfriend and a future. One night while working late a trio of assholes break into her workplace to find the evidence of her infidelity. It is never really explained why they would care though. But they catch her there and one of the guys viciously rapes her while the other two either hold her down or watch. 

So Julie's best friend takes her to the local witch to get some supernatural revenge but they run out during the ceremony. Little do they know the spell is already cast and anyone who hurt Julie is going to pay. And Julie is going to get naked, a lot. 

Completely chinzy in the depiction of the supernatural the movie falls back on Kaitan being nude to keep viewers attention. It is a winning idea and works well because the demon she becomes at the point of murder looks like a bowl of jell-o with teeth.In one shot you can clearly see where the demon's make up glove ends and the real arm of the actor begins. 

This is the kind of movie you would have seen on USA Network's UP ALL NIGHT back in the late 80's. Cheap, cheesy, jut sleazy enough and with some crappy monsters. In other words it isn't good, but it is perfect drunken late night fodder. 

Below is footage of the highlights from the movie... in Spanish. That wacky you tube!

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