Wednesday, June 6, 2012

42nd St Forever is almost 4 hours of Exploitation Trailer Bliss!


 Any exploitation trailer fan worth their salt has probably at least one of Synapse previous 42nd STREET FOREVER TRAILER DVD's in their collection. Up to five volumes now, each disc has hours of incredible trailers from the 50's through the late 80's covering every genre from big eyed monsters to soft core 3-D sex films (the XXX had their own DVD that is well worth owning too). So it was only a matter of time before the very best of these collections got put together for the Blu-ray collectors to savor. Remastered in Hi-Defination 1080p all the trailers here look as good as they can be expected to, but they still retain that "grindhouse" feel that fans are expecting with scratches, dirt and other wear and tear. Some look much better than others such as the trailer for the "Duo-vision" classic WICKED WICKED that looks absolutely stunning and clean, or surprisingly the Swedish sex romp starring Christina Lindberg, MAID IN SWEDEN that looks surprisingly sharp and modern all cleaned up well. 

Another one that looks pretty clean is Jammaa Fanaka (May he rest in peace) giant tentacle dick killing whitey blaxsploitation head scratcher WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES aka SOUL VENGEANCE. ("This is the color of black baby, it is a whole lot different that white!")

But lets face it, you aren't buying this disc because you want the trailers to look cleaned up and pristine. You are buying it because you want a killer party disc; trailers that you can put on and have a great time showing your friends. On that front this delivers. I have actually watched this three times now before I have even attempted to write any sort of review. I've thrown it on as background while I have done other things, watched a few trailers before having to go to work etc. It is a the perfect disc to come home to. Like an old friend. They also made a wise choice in how the trailers are laid out in that they are grouped together by genre, with the disc opening with a group of blaxploitation (BLACK SAMPSON, BOSS NIGGER, SUGAR HILL, WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES, GUY FROM HARLEM)

 then later you get some rape/revenge potboilers (ACT OF VENGEANCE, MS. 45, THEY CALL HER ONE EYE) Some sci-fi (STARCRASH and DARK STAR)

 a group of sexy 3-D flicks (Pete Walker's THREE DEMENSIONS OF GRETA, THE FLESH AND BLOOD SHOW - a movie that has a special place in my heart - PANORAMA BLUE, THE LOLLIPOP GIRLS), there is even a rather disturbing mondo block for those who can stomach it with the movies SECRET AFRICA (this is probably the most freaky and unsettling trailer in the package), PORNOGRAPHY IN DENMARK and SHOCKING ASIA

 You wanna see a dog trying to eat it's own tail? You got it. You want to see Sylvester Stallone dancing nekkid and trying to lie about his porno past? You got it. You wanna see full grown mushroom people? Yep they are here. Scott Baio and Patrick Swayze on roller skates in spandex? Oh yeah that shit is here representing. (And with no Scott Baio religious anti-Homosexual tweets to get in your way of enjoying it either!)

 One thing as a long time fan you may be asking yourself is "why should I buy this if I have bought all the previous DVD collections?" A fair question. The answer is this. About a third of the trailers here have not appeared on the other dvd's, they are new to this collection. Also the dvd commentary By Michael Gingold, Chris Poggiali, and Edwin Samuelson, is new to this Blu-ray. While a lot of the information presented in the commentary is not new, they are covering a lot of the same trailers after all, plenty of what they have to say is new and is well worth listen. Hell, just to hear the guys get all indignant during the trailer for SALO 120 DAYS OF SODOM was enough to make me laugh out loud. So you make the call, but this is more than a welcome addition to any sleaze addict's blu ray collection. 

 Review © Andy Copp

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