Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eros High School Rape Date...

2.35 Anamorphic Widescreen

This third DVD release from Impulse Pictures in the Nikkatsu Roman Porno line may be the most outrageous yet. It is certainly the most offensive in both storyline and execution and for those who are not used to the VERY Japanese way of looking at sex films, this will be a huge culture shock. To call this politically incorrect would be the understatement of the year. But one thing is for certain, it is never, ever boring...

The Eros High school has a problem with their female student body in that they are simply too strong willed. Violent even. The movie opens with male student Tadao having a dream in class about pretty track star Misa whom he is harboring a crush on. Misa's militant feminist girlfriends do not take kindly to him having sexual fantasies about their friend and strip him down in class and humiliate him. The class School Mom gets wind of how out of control the girls have become and comments that they need a boy with some real brass tacks to come into the class and shake things up a bit. Someone to come there and show the girls who is boss.

Enter transfer student Ryo. An older boy dressed like a mountain yokel, carrying a pet pig. We soon learn his nick name is “Ryo The Rapist” because he has been in and out of reform school and several other High Schools for raping both women and girls. He prides himself on never raping the same girl twice and sets his sights on the trio of trouble-making girls at this school. It becomes a battle of the sexes as he rapes his way through the cast trying to get to Misa, each girl succumbing to his brutish ways. We also learn that Misa is harboring her own little secret that has something to do with the fact that she is coming close to the end of her high school days but still has never had her period yet.

This all sounds very vile and salacious and on the surface it is. But the direction of the film is more that of a slapstick comedy. Think Benny Hill meets THE ACCUSED, with a school girl fetish. Every rape or fight scene is accompanied with bells, whistles and konk sounds to remind you this is all supposed to be funny. It is actually just really weird and surreal.

But like so many other Nikkatsu films the last reel turns the tables on the viewer with a slight bit of ugliness. The final rape scene is played a significant bit more vicious than the ones preceding it, which is then followed by a couple of scenes so foul and offensive that you just have to see them to believe it.

But what really throws the film out of whack, is that from this scene forward it clearly has a chance to go completely dark, to head into TAXI DRIVER style territory and make the film have a great deal of heft. Lots of other Nikkatsu films do this. The set up is there...


But instead it takes a complete 180 and has all the girls who were raped decide that it was all a lighthearted romp, that it was really funny and the only character that was negatively affected by it was poor Tadao who is now insane. It really is one of the weirder endings to a film I have seen, a Roman Porno or otherwise.


As to be expected this is a great looking DVD, no extras to speak of as the trailers are all on the NIKKATSU TRAILER COLLECTION DVD, but there is an excellent bit of Liner Notes from Jasper Sharp and some rather aggressive cover art. Which may or may not have contributed to AMAZON dumping this and the other title in the second wave of Nikkatsu discs. So you will have to do your shopping for these discs form your favorite dealers who do not censor what you are buying.

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  1. I believe Deep Discount DVD does not censor. They deserve our support. Diabolik DVD is a great source as well and a personal favorite of mine.