Monday, April 9, 2012

Whores I tell ya!

aka. Dan Oniroku hakui nawa jigoku / White Uniform in Rope Hell
D. Shôgorô Nishimura
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No Subtitles

ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES aka WHITE UNIFORM IN ROPE HELL is widely considered to be among the most offensive of the Pinku Ega films that flooded the market in Japan during the late 70's/ early 80's period. That is saying something considering the wildly offensive nature of the Nikkatsu output and films like BEAUTIFUL GIRL HUNTER STAR OF DAVID or ASSAULT! JACK THE RIPPER. But make no mistake this one is actually just as nasty as rumors have claimed. A sadistic rape fetish film that spirals into an all out horror orgy in the last reel that leaves one scratching their head about just what audience it was intended for in the first place. 


To be fair I watched it without subtitles so maybe I missed some overriding sense of justice or political polemic, but I kind of doubt it. This seemed to be all about the forced enema's, rope bondage, rape and what new and disgusting items could be forced into some screaming bound woman's vagina. 


The movie opens with two thugs in their twenties watching a pretty young lounge singer belting out a tune. They con her back to their filthy, disgusting rotting food covered apartment, where they tie her up, drug her with a huge fix of heroin and proceed to do unspeakable things to her for the first half of the film. These things include painful looking rope bondage, rape and forced enemas. This all goes on for a ridiculously extended period of time until they are found by some other members of the mob including a woman who is more sadistic than them. The movie then shifts gears to a second story with another lounge singer who this woman apparently has a huge hate-on for and the thugs help her kidnap and torture. But things start going wrong as the older and goofier of the two guys falls for the gal. Which sends the lady boss into a rage, making the torture of the first girl look like a walk in the park.

 Soon she is doing things like slicking up a real live snake with vaseline and shoving it into the poor girls vagina. Before things are over you will see a guy get his cock cut off while fucking someone and a girl get stabbed in the crotch and then then lovelorn idiot who was trying to protect her proceed to EAT HER OUT to show he still loves her. Some movies end in tears, this one ends in blood and more blood. 


To call this one crazy is to sell it short. To call it depressing it understating the matter. But in no way does the the English title make sense, as it should be called ALL MEN ARE RAPIST KILLER FREAKZOIDS, but I don't think that sells as well in the land of the rising sun.

Review © Andrew Copp

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