Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some more Exploitation Movie Ads

3 Dimensions of whoop-ass coming at you!!!

Women in Prison bills were always big draws in Dayton for some unexplained reason.

I have heard that there was some question about the MANSON documentary playing around the country do to legal troubles. But here it is on a double bill with the incredible ZODIAC KILLER.

I remember both of these films playing as midnight movies at the long gone Huber Heights Flicker Palace in the 1980's for a long, long time. But before that they played together at the Kon-Tiki as a double feature. I bet that bent some heads, especially considering the amount of chemical assistance that audiences had there.

I can't for the life of me figure out how they put together this double bill? Actually this two movies are really pretty ill at ease together with SUPER SPOOK being a very silly comedy (formerly called THE $6000 NIGGER) and THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR is a vicious well thought out and very serious urban drama and call to arms about the first black me to work in the CIA who comes home and trains the people in the ghetto to fight back.

From the out of their minds filmmakers who brought you the classic THE KILLING OF SATAN!

Anyone know what the title of the movie was that you had to call and get? I'm thinking it might of been THE BITCH with Joan Collins, but am not sure.

I got this one in a package of old film ad negatives I traded for. Talk about seriously old school! This is about as ghetto as these ads come. I LOVE IT.

I believe this is a Ray Dennis Steckler porno film. But truthfully I am more curious about that second feature?

The Klan Killed Their only honky friend!


  1. A Zodiac Killer flick that predates the big-budget one that was made a couple of years ago. Amazing. Amazing.

  2. Hey,
    great blog, great ads. One correction: $6,000 NIGGER was retitled SUPER SOUL BROTHER. It's on vhs under that title from Xenon (and I'm watching it as I type.) Love to see an ad w/ that title! SUPER SPOOK is on dvd under that title from Scorpion.
    That "Tales of the Zombies" ad is really choice...