Saturday, November 21, 2009

Exploitation Ads A Go Go

I thought I would do something different this time and post a sampling of the old movie ads I have collected over the years. I have tons and tons of these things. If you are on FACEBOOK I made an application there where you can give friends old exploitations ads as gifts. All from my personal collections. I thought I would post a few here from time to time. If you guys like this I will continue to do it.

Linda Blair in her best role since THE EXORCIST. I remember my parents coming home from seeing this and telling me all about it. I was just a tiny bit too young to see this sleazefest, but was fascinated with the tales of bear traps, crossbows and pregnant women thrown off of bridges that I was being told of.

Another ad that fascinated me as a kid. anytime I ran across ads that had the "No One Under 17 Will Be Admitted" they caught my interest. I always wanted to know just what was so bad about these movies.

I believe this is circa 1979 or so. But I remember the NEW LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET playing as second and third run features off and on into the 80's in Dayton.

Yes, that is Alex De Rezney's taboo shattering Bodil Johenson bestiality porno documentary! Proof that it played theatrically in Dayton, Ohio in the early to mid 1970's. I can't even imagine what that 2nd feature AMAZING STUNT would have been!!!

I put this one up just for the shear weirdness factor of playing TOO HOT TO HANDLE as the third feature after CHAPTER TWO and THE CHINA SYNDROME, truly one of the more bizarre third features ever. Then on the other screen you had CENTERFOLD SPREAD and NAKED STEWARDESSES!!!

BOARDINGHOUSE, the movie that separates real cult movie fans from the tourists in my opinion. The first real feature movie to be shot on pro-somer video to be released the theaters.

This PORKY'S ad is one of my all time favorites. The hard sell from "regular folks" is hysterical especially the last lady claiming she would take her 14 year old son to this extremely raunchy, very R rated sex comedy.

Canada's very controversial anti-sex, anti-pornography, anti-men, feminist documentary that attacks the porno world played the Dayton Grindhouse The Kon Tiki in an exclusive engagement. How do you like the USA artwork that makes it pretty much look like a porn film?

Yep the PRETTY PEACHES goddess herself came through Dayton back in the day.

Zebedy Colt's Mentally handicapped horror/splatter porn played the Skyborn Drive in. But Ladies were FREE when escorted!!! I bet they LOVED the movie!

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