Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Couch Was Pretty Erotic!

THE EROTIC COUCH ***1/2 (2009)

D. Andrew Shearer

24P - HD

Andrew Shearer's latest cult comedy has already stirred controversy when the trailer got him kicked off Facebook for the "offensive" content. No one is really sure what about the trailer was so obscene since there was no nudity, but what can you do? I guess lesbians and suggested sex scare people. The movie is about a young lady whose couch begins to verbalize the fact that it is very sexually active and loves when people get busy on it and with it. She begins to eroticize the furniture, then other gals come by and get off on it as well, seduced by its charms. Eventually the couch lures more and more women into the apartment on its own, until an old, unresolved love finds her way into the cushions of desire. One funny moment has the couch in some unexplained way, planting signs out in public advertising for a "lesbian party" that all point to the house!

While still tongue in cheek, this one is a lot more sexy than Shearer's other works, making more attempts to be erotic, and achieves that goal more often than not. But what it also achieves is a very real sense of tenderness and sweetness in the final reel that cannot be shaken off. The climax is legitimately heartfelt, making the movie before it all the more mysterious and erotic because of it. Both the open and close of the movie are clear references to Russ Meyer with heavy bosomed women introducing the story (check the credits for clear references as the characters have "super" in their names) and is a very welcome touch. While all the actresses give their all, Priscilla Lee Press On has proves herself a really adept comedian and really needed to be given plenty more screen time. Her short role here is extremely funny.

Another thing that works in this movie (and most of Shearer's movies for that matter, but is really driving home here) is that women of all shapes and sizes can be sexual, and erotic. Full figured gals, thing gals, straight gals, lesbian gals, gals of all stripes and types can and ARE sexy but are almost never represented in movies. THE EROTIC COUCH is a huge step forward were women can be allowed to be as sexy as the REALLY ARE. Another win for the Gonzoriffic crew.

Andy Copp


  1. ANDY! Thank you for doing this so FAST! You really, really, REALLY got what we were trying to do with this flick. Actually, you get what we're trying to do in general, and I cannot tell you how much that means to me. The cast is going to get a real lift from reading your words - can't wait for them to see this.

  2. Of course I dug it, was there ever a question? Kristi really liked it too, she really responded to that last love scene. I'm very glad you guys went with the new ending, it wraps the movie up SO much more powerfully.

    Though the asshole/cupcakes bit in the cut ending is hilarious, and I kinda wish it was still in the movie.

  3. That was some 4AM dialog for sure! That ending was a direct tribute to the end of "Bound" (the love scene we went with instead kinda was as well), and there are some things I do miss about it.