Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh man, not the BABIES!!!

FETUS (2008)
D. Brian Paulin
Morbid Vision Films

Brian Paulin is the Nordic rock God of the underground Gore film scene. This mother has done it all and lived to tell about it. Survived shoddy distributors, done dangerous car and fire stunts, done his own effects, piled mouthfuls of worms and maggots, and even starred in all his own flicks. But even more importantly he has the ability to fly and battle vampire with a two gun salute ala John Woo (AT DAWN THEY WAKE), and take on the undead (BONE SICKNESS) and teach Misty Mundea to kick Mummy Ass (MUMMY RAIDER). He's fuckin supernatural man! The only thing left for him to kick ass on the children. And man if his new movie FETUS is anything to go by he must fucking hate kids!

FETUS is the underground gore movie taken to the extreme edge. Never for a second is it trying to be a "realistic" gore film like some of the faux snuff flicks out there. This is still supernatural horror flick stuff, but the gore quotient and violence so pumped up that only the most hardened gore fan will be able to take this on. The movie even opens with the tag "A Gore Film By Brian Paulin" to let you know what you are in for. The story deals with a man whose wife dies in childbirth (in a spectacularly bloody scene, with a guy playing a doctor that if he was my wife's Doctor I would have clearly went elsewhere!) It is very unclear if the baby survives or not. But our hero, played by the multi-faceted Paulin himself, is wracked with grief and horror. Once home he starts going a little crazy, seeing things and falling into a pit of despair and nightmares.

Before long he is calling on the occult in an attempt to bring his wife back from the dead and seek revenge on those he blames for her death. He buys a black magic grimiore and starts practicing the rituals and the explosion of violence begins. People start getting hacked with knives, axes and hammers. One poor slob gets his teeth knocked out and all the skin off his arm shaved off. Another guy pukes up his intestines (ala GATES OF HELL) and then his face explodes off! But he DOESN'T die! Paulin has to block his exposed windpipe and smother him before he will give up the ghost! There are decapitations, mutilations and a hallucination of a stacked naked girl shooting herself in the crotch. And it gets worse from there!

Once our hero realizes he has to inseminate a corpse for these spells to works, he kills a hot chick and humps her dead body. It gives him some sort of skeevy dick disease and his knob starts rotting off in graphic detail for the rest of the movie. I could recount the gore and horror of the rest of the film, but by know you probably know if it is for you or not. I will say by the end of the movie there is a black magick machine made out of severed baby heads, a snake/human demon and a rather ridiculous birth scene. This doesn't push the boundaries, it explodes them.

FETUS is a weird movie because there is almost no dialogue for most of the movie. Since Paulin is the main character and he is alone most of the time, he is silent and talking to no one. So the movie relies on visuals a lot which is interesting. The gore effects are really well executed and frankly better than the ones in BONE SICKNESS, but are lingered on too long and sometimes look just like what they are, effects. Then the acting is kinda what you expect form this low budget production. Mostly serviceable but there is a scene of a couple of guys talking outside there house, that get kidnapped and killed. The one black guy reminded me of Cleveland from Family Guy with his delivery.

The movie has a shitload of energy and is really short, moving at a nice clip. But at the end of the day it ends up trying so hard that it sometimes seems a bit absurd. Some of the scenes that are designed to shock and repulse end up being kind of funny because it is so over the top. But then that is Paulin's strong suit, he never stops without going full force. I respect that.

The DVD is available directly from Brian Paulin and his Morbid Vision Films Website. Please buy the film directly from him. He is taking a chance to self distribute and deserves the support. Also I have seen the movie on some torrent trackers that specialize in this type of movie and I think that's bullshit. This isn't some corporation that can recoup those losses, this is a truly independent filmmaker who is selling his films himself. Don't just snatch and grab his work.

WARNING ABOUT THE CLIP BELOW: Not only is this clip highly gory and disgusting, it contains major spoilers. But it is the only clip from the film I could find online. So watch at your own risk.

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