Friday, July 20, 2012

Actions of a Madman...

14 Dead and 50 Injured due to spree shooting at Colorado movie theater...

Everyone is talking about this horrible tragedy where a madman went on a rampage taken the lives of so many people in this senseless act of violence. I can't even imagine the horrific sense of loss for the families and friends involved in this. I can however put myself in the shoes of those who were there and imagine the terror they felt at having to experience this. I wouldn't want to go through this, nor would I wish it on my worst enemy. No one should have to experience this, especially when just going out to the movies.

Which is what we all need to remember here. This is all exploding into a wave of finger pointing and blame assignment. Why did this guy do it? Are the movies to blame? Could gun control have stopped it? Was Islamic terrorism part of the bigger picture? Even one particularly disgusting Congressman has decided that this was strictly an attack on Christianity (were only Christians shot in the theater?). But at the end of the day NO ONE in that theater left the house yesterday thinking anything other than they were excited to be going to the movies. They were excited to see the biggest movie of the summer and not a single one of them expected to lose their lives. Not a single one of them DESERVED to lose their lives. One of the most disgusting comments I have seen on facebook, a joke I understand, is that why couldn't this have happened at the TWILIGHT premiere instead. But NONE of those people would have deserved it either, because NO ONE deserves to be shot at be a delusional, heavily armed madman. No one deserves to be ripped from the comfort of the fantasy of the movies only to be killed for just BEING THERE. 

If there is a solace to be had is that this was all over before it got any worse. Early reports have stated that the authorities found  some sort of incendiary device in the theater when it was cleared out. This points to the idea this guy fully intended to kill a lot more people than he had the chance to. A lot more people COULD be dead today. 

So when arguments are flaring up, and the media is making this an issue of what ever they decide to attach it to, just try to remember that there are actual people attached. With families, friends, people who are going to miss them. This isn't about all the other stuff. Forget the TMZ and all their muck raking bullshit they do. Remember the people involved. 

Article © Andy Copp


  1. And if you really want to help here is a link to several ways to do so. Including donating blood, and or goods to the families of the tragedy.

  2. Very well said and just about the most thoughtful piece I've read about the whole thing.